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Earth Soldier


Gorgeous, powerful and so damn sexy

Hate Mamoru? Let's see if the truth can change that!
Mamoru/Darien is the one character that got totally trashed in the making of the anime. Because of the many changes made to his personality, and changes to his age from 17 to 19, people who only know the anime hate his character and have even gone so far as to wish that Usagi would dump him and go for someone else. Such ideas and thoughts are ill-based. As you will learn throughout this shrine, the original manga Mamoru was everything a girl would want - gorgeous, sexy, loving, not to mention powerful and smart! This shrine is here to teach you the truth about Chiba Mamoru/Darien Shields and all the information you see is based on the original manga, notes from Naoko Takeuchi's artbooks and her speeches and conversations at conventions.

So ya think you know Mamoru?
Years ago Naoko Takeuchi created her vision of the ideal man and made him the male hero of her story Sailor Moon. Later, animators took her story and animated it, taking her ideal man and changing him into many things a girl doesn't want - for example, they made Mamoru break up with his soulmate, Usagi, but the break up never happened in the manga! This was something the animators made up to create more angst, more episodes, more of a tear-jerker storyline. Read the original manga to know the real story of Sailor Moon. They also took away his powers and gave him a rose, making rose attacks his power. This is such a joke. As you will learn in Phases of the Earth section, Mamoru is extremely powerful, with skills and attacks just like any other senshi/scout.

Mamoru/Tuexedo Kamen *IS* Sailor Earth
This shrine is named Earth Soldier because Mamoru/Tuxed Kamen is the "senshi of the earth". Technically, he is NOT a senshi, but at the same time he is. All senshi have a starseed, a sailor crystal that controls their planet. Mamoru is the only one with the Golden Crystal - his star seed crystal - which we learn in both the manga, and the anime, is what controls Earth. Sailor Galaxia in the anime, when she kills Tuxedo Kamen says "At last! I have the starseed that controls the Earth!". So even though Mamoru cannot be a senshi (because he is a man and only females can be senshi as Naoko said) he is still the Earth's guardian and is thus, loosely, "Sailor Earth."

The Prince

The Generals

Kingdom Of Elysion

Tuxedo Kamen

The King

The Heart Of Mamoru