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Lara's Sailor Moon Homepage
Basic Facts

Tsukino Usagi
Tsukino Usagi literally means Rabbit On The Moon. She was named after her mother, whose name is also Tsukino Usagi.
Chibi Usa; Small Lady
Chibi in Japanese means small, and Usa is short for Usagi, so Chibi Usa means Small Usagi. Romanization variations include Chibiusa, Chibi-usa, Chibi usa, or Chibi-Usa. Small Lady is her title in 30th century Tokyo.
June 30
Chibi Usa and her mother (Usagi) share the same birthday. June 30th makes them Cancers. Cancers tend to be indirect, active, and intuitive.
Blood Type:
These are the qualities of O blood typed people: Advantages: confident, strong-willed, judgemental, dedicated, self-deterministic; Disadvantages: workaholic, insecure, emotional, stubborn, uncompromising, cold personality, over-confident, self-centered
Favorite Subject:
Like her mother, Chibi Usa tends to be a bit lazy when it comes to schoolwork, although she's a much better student in general, bringing home A's more often than Usagi ever could imagine. However, Chibi Usa is partial to drawing, look!
Least Favorite Subject:
Japanese Language
I don't blame her, it's difficult! *^_~*
Favorite Foods:
Pudding, Chicken Curry, and Lemon Pie
Two of the three of these are sweets, which she tends to eat quite a bit of, just like Usagi!
Least Favorite Foods:
This is kind of a joke, since her name means "Little Rabbit on the Moon" and rabbits love to eat carrots... *^_~*
Being a Lady
Chibi Usa dreams of being a lady like her mother, Neo Queen Serenity, which is why she takes the ginzuishou in the first place, and is forced to come to 20th Century Tokyo. This dream is what helps trigger her mutation into Black Lady, and causes her to trade ages, essentially, with Usagi in SuperS.
Hey, no one likes them!
Collecting Bunnies
Since her name means "Little Rabbit on the Moon" it only makes sense, right?
Favorite Colors:
Pink and Red
Chibi Usa's eyes are red, and her hair is pink. Her fuku is pink and red, and they're basically just her theme colors! *^_~*
Araki Kae
In case you were wondering, she also did the voice of Fushigi Yuugi's Miaka. *^_~*