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Manga Info

Sailor Moon Manga Info


Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon is a Manga about a klutzy, crybaby, 14 year old junior high school girl named Usagi. She receives special powers from a talking cat named Luna. Her Powers help her in her quest to fight evil and to find the "Moon Princess". With a locket Luna gave her, Serena turns into the sailor suited "pretty soldier" Sailor Moon. Over time, she discovers other Sailor Senshi and another cat Artemis who join her as a team, called the Sailor Senshi.

She also runs into Mamoru as well as finding the caped super hero named Tuxedo Kamen. Coincidentally enough, they happen to be the same person. Tuxedo Kamen appears constantly to save the Sailor Senshi from the generals of the Dark Kingdom who, at first, begin stealing life energy out of people, then attempt to acquire the ginzuishou. At this point Sailor Moon learns about the Silver Millenium/Moon Kingdom.

A Thousand years ago The Moon Kingdom existed and the Universe was at peace. The Moon Kingdom was ruled by Queen Serenity, until the evil forces from the Dark Kingdom decided to try and take over our universe. Queen Serenity was able to repel the invasion, but only by sacrificing herself and sending all of her court and the ginzuishou to the future on Earth.

This is important because much to everyones surprise we discover that Serena is the reincarnation of The Moon Princess, Princess Serenity in addition to just being Sailor Moon. It also turns out that the Sailor Senshi are reincarnations of the guardians of the Moon Kingdom, and that Mamoru is a reincarnation of Prince Endymion, who was to marry Princess Serenity. This adds a bit of romance to the series, but in the end, the Sailor Senshi and Tuxedo Kamen are able to use the ginzuishou to *annhilate* the Dark Kingdom, but at the cost of their own lives.

Sailor Moon R: Romance, Revenge

Just when things start to get comfortable, all of a sudden a strange kid who looks an awful lot like Usagi falls out of the sky with a quest to find her mother and the ginzuishou. She's Chibi Usa, and she's from the future, but she didn't come alone. She's followed by some agents of the Black Moon, namely Rubeus, and the four weird sisters, Cooan, Beruche, Petz, and Karaberas. The sisters and Rubeus are killed.

Esmeraude takes over and is eventually killed and the Senshi go to the future to stop the Black Moon from taking over. Saffir is killed by his brother. Shortly after, Prince Demando is killed by Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen. During the final battle, Dark Lady becomes Chibi-Usa again after Sailor Pluto uses her power to save everyone. In the end, Wiseman is destroyed and the Senshi are returned to the past.

Sailor Moon S: Super

In this part of the Series, Professor Tomoe opens an experimental portal, and it lets a Daimon through that possesses him. He then trys to find a way to open a portal large enough to let Pharaoh 90 into our world. In the process Hotaru is severely hurt. Tomoe take this as an opportunity to create a Super Human Cyborg. This cyborg finally gets a hold of Chibi-Usa's Silver Crytal and Mistress 9 is formed.

The Outer Senshi already had the talismans, before the story began. Bring the talismans together summons Sailor Saturn. In the final battle Pharaoh 90 makes it into our world but at that time, Hotaru breaks free of Mistress 9. The Outers bring their talismans together and summon Sailor Saturn who then goes about destroying the enemy with Death Reborn Revolution attack. Sailor Pluto then traps her in the Time Gate (The only way to stop her attack). Sailor Moon then revives Hotaru as an infant. The outers Swear to take care of her.

Sailor Moon Super S: Super S, Super Stars, Super Senshi

This section focuses on the Senshi's past. It explains their backgrounds in the Moon Kingdom and connects all the missing links. In this section of the Manga the enemies are not all destroyed. The Amazoness Quartet become the Asteroid Senshi. In all other ways this section of the Manga is the same as in the Anime. Neherenia is destroyed in the usually spectacular final battle.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars

In the final section of the Manga, the Sailor Stars are introduced. As well, Sailor Galaxia (The Senshi if the Galaxy) and ChibiChibi. Galaxia and her slaves (the Sailor Animates) world to take over the Universe and take Star Seeds from everyone. The Senshi learn that there is a Senshi for every planet, makeing an almost endless number of Senshi in the universe. Sailor Moon Eventually gets to Galaxia, but all her friends are killed. Sailor Moon rids Galaxia of Chaos (The being possessing her), and the Universe is saved. In the Manga we also learn that ChibiChibi is actually Sailor Cosmos. She plays a major roll in the destruction of Chaos as well.

Manga Detail

So, now you want to know a little more about the original manga series. Below I have listed information on the official releases of available or unavailable titles produced for the Sailormoon story.

ORIGINAL MANGA - Appeared in a girl, or shoujo oriented magazine called Nakayoshi. Fifty-two (52) manga chapters were released and were resold in eighteen (18) tankobon volumes.

GENGASHUU - Five (5) Artbooks were released in follow-up to each of the five sections of the story, Sailormoon, SailormoonR, SailormoonS, Sailormoon SuperS, Sailor Stars.

INFINITY - A small range release (maybe 500-1000 copies) brought out by Naoko-sensei herself in 1997 which was called Pretty Soldier Sailormoon Artbook Infinity. It was a compilation of works not released and the works & notes from everyone who contributed to the show, including the seiyuu.

SETTEI SHIRYOUSHUU - There was one (1) Materials Collection book was released in August 1999.