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Anime Info

Getting Started

Pretty Soldier Sailormoon originated as a manga (see: japanese comic) series written by Takeuchi Naoko in 1992. It was originally run in Nakayoshi magazine which is mainly for shoujo, or girls, stories. The story was then published in compilations called tankobon (see: graphic novels) by Kodansha Comics. The series was then picked up by TOEI Animation who decided they wanted to turn this sailor suited girl warrior manga into an anime (see: animated) series to run on TV.

Pretty Soldier Sailormoon? Bishoujo Senshi Seeraamuun? What is the difference?
The romanization of the manga title is Bishoujo Senshi Seramun which roughly translates to beautiful girl soldier sailormoon. The most widely accepted translation and the name that appears on the merchandise is Pretty Soldier Sailormoon. The translation above is just a break down of the words 'bi' and 'shoujo'. Bi meaning beauty or beautiful and Shoujo meaning girl.

Why do I sometimes see BSSM or PSSM?
These are the abbreviations for Bishoujo Senshi Seramun and Pretty Soldier Sailormoon. Sometimes it is much easier to write out that abbreviation instead of the whole title.

Anime Detail
So, now you want to know a little more about the manga inspired anime series. Below I have listed information on episodes, movies, and so on produced for the Sailormoon story.

There were five seasons to the Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon anime that ran for 200 episodes. It aired from 1993-1997 on TV Asahi. It continued to air on TV Asahi in re-runs even though the station normally does not air re-runs.


Pretty Soldier Sailormoon
[episodes 001-046]

Pretty Soldier Sailormoon R
[episodes 047-089]

Pretty Soldier Sailormoon S
[episodes 090-127]

Pretty Soldier Sailormoon SuperS
[episodes 128-166]

Pretty Soldier Sailormoon Sailor Stars
[episodes 167-200]


Sailormoon R
Sailormoon S
Sailormoon SuperS


Make Up! Sailor Senshi
Dreaming Moon - Sailor Moon to X'mas
SuperS: Ami-chan no Hatsukoi (played with SuperS movie)
SuperS: TV Special (aired between ep 131 and 132)