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Lara's Sailor Moon Homepage
Sailor Moon Storylines

This Contains Spoilers

Sailor Moon is divided into 5 different seasons. Sailor Moon, the first season and Sailor Moon R, the second season. The "R" in Sailor Moon R is said to mean Romance or Revenge, depending on the part of the season being talked about. The other three are Sailor Moon S, Sailor Moon SS and Sailor Moon Stars. Some of these have not yet been shown in English. Each of the letters at the end of Sailor Moon means something different. You can see what they mean as you read through the information on this page.

Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon is an Anime about a klutzy, crybaby, 14-year-old junior high school girl named Serena/Usagi. She receives special powers from a talking cat named Luna. Her Powers help her in her quest to fight evil and to find the "Moon Princess". With a locket Luna gave her, Serena turns into the sailor suited "pretty soldier" Sailor Moon. Over time, she discovers other Sailor Scouts/Senshi and another cat Artemis, who join her as a team, called the Sailor Scouts/Senshi.

She also runs into this guy named Darien/Mamoru and this a caped super hero named Tuxedo Mask/Tuxedo Kamen. Coincidentally enough, they happen to be the same person. Tuxedo Mask/Tuxedo Kamen appears constantly to save the Sailor Scouts/Senshi from the generals of the Negaverse/Dark Kingdom who, at first, begin stealing life energy out of people, then attempt to acquire the Imperium Silver Crystal/ginzuishou. At this point Sailor Moon learns about the Silver Millennium/Moon Kingdom.

A Thousand years ago The Moon Kingdom existed and the Universe was at peace. The Moon Kingdom was ruled by Queen Serenity, until the evil forces from the Negaverse/Dark Kingdom decided to try and take over our universe. Queen Serenity was able to repel the invasion, but only by sacrificing herself and sending all of her court and the Imperium Silver Crystal/ginzuishou to the future on Earth.

This is important because much to everyone's surprise we discover that Serena is the reincarnation of The Moon Princess, Princess Serenity/Princess Serena in addition to just being Sailor Moon. It also turns out that the Sailor Scouts/Senshi are reincarnations of the guardians of the Moon Kingdom, and that Darien/Mamoru is a reincarnation of Prince Darien/Prince Endymion, who was to marry Princess Serenity/Princess Serena. This adds a bit of romance to the series, but in the end, the Sailor Scouts/Senshi and Tuxedo Mask/Tuxedo Kamen are able to use the Imperium Silver Crystal/ginzuishou to *annihilate* the Negaverse/Dark Kingdom, but at the cost of their own lives.

Note: In the DIC translation, no one dies. Everyone just has their memories erased. Reportedly, the original makers of the series weren't sure if they were going to do a second season, and so they wanted to potentially end off the series with a bang. The way this works in the original is that the Sailor Senshi die, but their alter-ego secret identities live on to have a chance at a normal life.

Sailor Moon R: Romance, Revenge

The next season of the show starts, and everyone gets his or her memories restored, except for Darien/Mamoru (to the annoyance of Serena/Usagi). Two aliens, Alan/Ail and Ann arrive on Earth and start stealing people's life energy for a tree called "The Doom Tree." At the end of the saga we find out Moonlight Knight/Tsukikage no Knight (Who is Darien/Mamoru) is the split personality of Darien/Mamoru because he didn't get his memory back. The Moonlight Knight/Tsukikage no Knight was sent to help Sailor Moon, the same way Tuxedo Mask/Tuxedo Kamen helped Sailor Moon and the Scouts/Senshi when they where in danger. Serena/Usagi revives the Doom Tree by using her crystal and all's well.

Just when things start to get comfortable, all of a sudden a strange kid who looks an awful lot like Serena/Usagi falls out of the sky with a quest to find her mother and the Imperium Silver crystal/ginzuishou. She's Rini/Chibi-Usa, and she's from the future, but she didn't come alone. She's followed by some agents of the Black Moon/Negaverse, namely Rubeus, and the four weird sisters, Catsy/Cooan, Berti/Beruche, Avery/Petz, and Prisma/Karaberas. In an interesting change from the usual, the Sailor Scouts/Senshi were able to heal the sisters of their evil rather than just kill them.

Soon after Rini/Chibi-Usa discovers that Serena/Usagi is really Sailor Moon and gets the Silver Crystal/ginzuishou. Rubeus finds her when she tries to get back to the future and starts to attack her. The Scouts/Senshi arrive and Rubeus captures them. Serena/Usagi gets the Silver Crystal/ginzuishou back from Rini and they manage to get onto Rubeus's ship. The Scouts/Senshi are freed and the Ship Destroyed, with Rubeus still on it.

At this time Esmeraude takes Rubeus's place. She is lead by Safiiru and Prince Demando on the Black Moon. The Scouts/Senshi figure out that Rini/Chibi-Usa is really from the future and plan to travel there with the help of Sailor Pluto who is introduced as the Guardian of Time. In the Future they meet up with King Endymion and Neo-Queen Serenity, Serena/Usagi and Darien/Mamoru of the future.

Rini is captured by Wiseman and turned into Black Lady soon after her arrival in the future. Safiiru learns of what Wiseman has planned and warns his brother before his death of what Wiseman was planning to do. Demando then realising what had really happened saved Sailor Moon from Wiseman by taking his attack intend for her. He died, and then Sailor Moon destroyed Wiseman.

Sailor Moon S: Super

This season begins with Professor Tomoe working in his lab. An accident occurs while he was trying to open a gateway to an other world. The explosion kills everyone but him, including his only daughter, Hotaru. Soon after a Demon Master finds him and offers a pact. He will revive Hotaru as long as the Professor works for him, Tomoe aggress. He is forced to search for "Pure Heart Crystals" and "The Holy Grail", to help him open a gateway large enough for Master Pharaoh 90 to pass through.

At the same time, the Outer Senshi are introduced. Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune and Sailor Pluto, Sailor Chibi-Moon (Chibi-Usa from the future) also appears. The Outer Senshi are also looking for the Holy Grail. They know that the three Talismans that join together to form the Grail are in the "Pure Heart Crystals".

The Outer Senshi realise later in the season, that they are the carriers of the talismans. They then combine them and get "The Hold Grail". The Grail gives Sailor Moon and New transformation. Hotaru becomes Mistress 9 after a demon takes control of her body. In this form she takes control and manages to open a Gateway for Pharaoh 90. After doing so, she is overwhelmed by the power within her, she is actually Sailor Saturn.

At the end of the season, Sailor Saturn destroys Pharaoh 90, and kills herself in the process. Sailor Moon then uses her power to bring her back to life again as a baby. She also saves Professor Tomoe, giving both another chance to live normal lives.

Sailor Moon Super S: Super S, Super Stars, Super Senshi

In this season we follow the story of Helios. A strange circus group that wants to use his powers for evil is hunting down Helios. He is only able to communicate to the Senshi through Chibi-Usa's dreams.

The circus invades dreams in search of Helios. The Senshi battle to help protect Helios. Eventually the enemies are banished, except for the Amizoness Quartet, who end up turning into the Asteroid Senshi.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars

A disembodied voice calls out to the banished Queen Neherenia to make a final strike against the Senshi. and with this final strike, Mamoru falls under an evil influence and Hotaru is aged back to her normal self. But this last strike does not succeed in getting rid of the Senshi. Queen Neherenia's demise is quick.

Suddenly there is the appearance of three new Senshi, The Sailor Starlights. Chibi-Chibi, a small child of unknown origin, and Galaxia, the most deadly enemy to date.

The Starlights are the Senshi from another planet. They are on earth in search of their long lost Princess. They fear that Galaxia may have already destroyed her. The Starlights hide themselves as an idol group known as "The Three Lights". They sing and have LOTS of fans. The Starlights soon join forces with the Senshi, for a common cause.

Galaxia has taken over almost 80% of the Universe. Every planet she goes to she takes the "Star Seed" for then Senshi of that world. She also has the ability to keep a Senshi alive without its Star Seed, using special bracelets. Galaxia goes about looking for humans with Star Seeds that can yield power for her.

Once Galaxia has enough power she starts to destroy the earth. The Senshi team-up and go do battle. The Inners are quickly eliminated as their Star Seeds are removed. The Outers are soon to follow, but not after the Outers find out that Galaxia has no star Seed herself. Sailor Moon is the next to go down. But as soon as the Seed is removed Chibi-Chibi powers up and a new Star Seed appears above Sailor Moon. She holds up her hands and the Seed turns her into Princess Serenity, with wings (She looks like an Angle). After a short fight, where we learn that Chibi-Chibi is Galaxia's Star Seed and that he whole story of the Senshi wars, Galaxia is freed of Chaos trapped within her.

Sailor Moon R: The Movie

During a visit to the park, Mamoru, Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto, Minako, and Chibi-Usa are enjoying a summer's day. However, their day of fun and enjoyment suddenly comes to an end when Fiore comes down to Earth to return a favour to Mamoru. However, he is jealous that Mamoru has a girlfriend (namely Usagi), and Fiore feels somewhat betrayed. This misunderstanding leads to the Kisenian flower turning Fiore against Mamoru and all the citizens of Earth. When he launches an attack with evil and deadly flowers, the Sailor Senshi attempt to save Earth from the take-over by the Kisenian flower. As the battle rages we learn how very important Sailor Moon really is to all the Senshi. Foire is freed from the Kisenian after he learns that even he was touched by Sailor Moon's love.

Sailor Moon S: The Movie

From the sky, Kakeru (an astronomer) sees something odd falling from the sky. When it lands near his observatory, he finds an odd looking crystal, and he brings it back home with him. But as fate would have it, he also ends up saving Luna from almost certain death.

The Crystal was actually part of the Ice Queens weapon meant to freeze the Earth so she could add it to her collection. The Crystal links itself to Kakeru and he becomes very sick. Luna ends up falling in love with Kakeru. Kakeru ends up breaking a relationship with Himeko (with much difficulty).

The Crystal is eventually found bye the Ice Queen. She starts to freeze the earth. Luna determines that it was the crystal causing all the problems and figures that if she were human she could help Kakeru. The Senshi team up together to fight the Ice Queen. They use all their power and the Silver Crystal to destroy the Queen and grant Luna's wish.

Sailor Moon Super S: The Movie

Children are disappearing over nighttime. The Senshi are suspicion. Chibi-Usa meets a new friend, Paperu. That night Chibi-Usa falls into a trance. She walks out of the house and joins all the children. Usagi and the others try to stop her and the other children. Chibi-Usa awakens and the Pied Piper behind the children disappearing.

The Senshi transform, and are attacked by Puplan (a faire) Puplan's brother (Paperu) tryes to stop him and save his friend Chibi-Usa. Queen Vadilanne orders the children taken to her palace and Chibi-Moon as well.

Paperu helps take the Senshi to the Palace. There the Senshi meet up with the Outers. They all work together to get to the Black Dream Hole. Once they arrive, Queen Vadilanne puts up a force field. Together Sailor Moon and Paperu break through it. Sailor Moon enters the Dream Hole after the Queen and Chibi-Usa. Using her power and the help of the Senshi, Sailor Moon destroys the Dream Hold and the Queen with it.