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Lara's Sailor Moon Homepage

Tsukino Usagi never asked to be Sailor Moon, or the Moon Princess, or the future Queen of Crystal Tokyo. Usagi just wanted to be a normal teenager, pigging out on food, and hanging out with friends. Yet, when fate knocked on her door, Usagi had no choice but to accept her destiny, and fulfill it. In the process, she learned more about herself, and discovered inner strengths she did not think she had possessed before.

From that moment on, she is Usagi by day, and Sailor Moon by night. As her destiny progressed, she acquired new powers, and new identities, each more powerful than the last. Her first attacks were moon healing and scepter elimnation (according to the NA dub). Her attacks became stronger when she became Super and Eternal Sailor Moon. With the power of the Silver Crystal and the Holy Grail, Usagi remains the strongest and most powerful of all the senshi.

Some may argue that her powers don't really come from her, just her weapons, but she is the ONLY one who can control the Silver Crystal and who has a heart pure enough to use the Holy Grail. She earns the use of those powerful weapons and is THUS, the most powerful senshi.

What makes Usagi so strong, though, isn't just her ability to use her weapons, but rather her ability to see the goodness in others, to help them, and thus, destroy the evil. Her strongest powers will always be her pure heart and inner goodness.

Her last incarnation is Sailor Cosmos, who is the emobidement of all the hope, goodness, and love that Sailor Moon and the universe is. She is the light of hope, the Messiah. Sailor Moon, Usagi, Cosmos, all one and the same, is one of the most beautiful, most good hearted, and definitely, the most powerful senshi in the universe.