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Lara's Sailor Moon Homepage
The Generals: Part 2



There are rumours always being told that each of the Inner Senshi had love affairs with Endymion's Generals. THIS IS NOT TRUE. The ONLY general who is shown to have had a relationship with the senshi is Kunzite (Malachite) and Sailor Venus. (Told below)

Naoko once drew the generals in the arms of the inner senshi but this was ONLY A DRAWING and was never part of the story line. It's an interesting idea but never happened and is fun for fan fiction writers to write about.


He is the leader of Endymion's protector and like Endymion fell in love with Selenity, Kunzite fell in love with the leader of the Inner Senshi, Sailor Venus. Both in the Sailor V manga, and in the Sailor Moon manga (volume 3), it is hinted and shown that Sailor Venus and Kunzite were in love. In the Sailor V manga, Adonis battles with Sailor V at the end and tells her how he knows that even back then (one thousand years ago) she only had eyes for Kunzite, the general from Earth. Then again in manga volume 3 of Sailor Moon we see:

    Selenity sneaks around a pillar.

    "Found you! Princess!" says Venus. "Going to see the prince again? I know you're infatuated, but approaching him... it's dangerous!"

    "It is not infatuation!" says Selenity. "Venus... Being that you've never truly fallen in love..." She sticks out her tongue. "You don't know my feelings!"

    She runs off.

    "Princess!" says Venus. "Oh... I have too..."

    On the Earth now..

    Venus grabs Selenity.

    "Princess! Did you come here again!? Come on, we're going home."

    "It must be tough having a princess so full of curiosity," says Kunzite.

    Venus blushes.

    "Kunzite!" says Endymion.

    "Venus?" says Mercury.

    Venus shakes her head.

Perhaps one day, the two will be reunited.

From Manga Volume 1: ACT 3

    Rei lies on the ground, unconscious. Jadeite kneels beside her. "So beautiful," he says. "I've wanted her since I first saw her. This girl..."

Jadite is the First Commanding Officer of the Far Eastern division and is the first of Beryl's warriors to attack Sailor Moon and the senshi. He has been working at the temple alongside Rei and soon thereafter begins driving the 6 o'clock bus that all the students who visit the temple ride home in. The most interesting thing about him was that he lusted after Rei, too bad she kills him by burning him to a charred corpse.

As North American Commanding Officer Nephrite launches an attack at a party held for the Kingdom D treasure - what he believes is the Imperium Silver Crystal. Contrary to what happens in the manga, he never falls in love with Naru (Molly). In a drawing Naoko drew, he is depicted with Makoto/Jupiter, in fact in volume 5, Sailor Jupiter kills him with her attack Flower Hurricane and by electrocuting him with lightning. (Interesting that each general depicted with a senshi gets killed by that senshi ;) )

As European division head, Kunzite launches one of the most best attacks - from Tokyo Tower her arranges for the entire city to be knocked out so that their energy gets absorbed by Metallia. The senshi and Usagi put an end to this, but in his next attack launch, he has Usagi and the senshi trapped in a sphere and is coming down on Usagi with a knife to kill her. Sailor Venus then arrives and kills Zoisite with her boomerang which rips his body apart. Contrary to what was shown in the anime, Zoicite was NOT gay, and he was NOT a girl. He was a normal straight man and had NO relationship with Kunzite other than as friends!

This is all that is known of the Generals in the manga. To know more read the manga.