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Lara's Sailor Moon Homepage
Tuxedo Kamen

Tall, dark and handsome, he appears in the nick of time to save Sailor Moon and the other senshi. The anime does this character a great unjustice when all it gives him is some pretty words and a capeful of roses to hurl at his enemies. In the anime, although he possesses a cane, and has some teleportation ability, he is the weakest of all the senshi.

Not so in the manga. This is the Tuxedo Mask/Kamen that we all wish we could have seen. Asanuma, a fan of Mamoru in the manga, met Mamoru one day while he was nervous about his high school entrance exams. Mamoru reassured Asanuma and shook his hand, giving what felt like to Asanuma, an electric shock. Later, Asanuma witnesses Mamoru getting injured playing soccer and healing himself of the injury.

Jupiter/Makoto explains to Asanuma in Volume 5:

    "Mamoru's power is called psychometry. It's the ability to sense everything with the touch of his hand. He doesn't just emit aura power from his fingertips and sense, but he can also actively give others that power as healing or a shock. It is a power ordinary humans don't have, but he is human."

    Mamoru exhibits this power to sense things with a touch of his hand at the end of Manga Volume 2 when the Senshi have all sacrificed their lives to give more power to the Princess Selenity. Mamoru places his hands on the Earth, feels the injury of the planets and then locates the Senshi lying dead on the ground. His powers all are connected to the Earth because he is the Soldier of the Earth, although technically not a senshi. (see image above)

    Two if his GREATEST powers were left out completely in the anime - that of his attack, La Smoking Bomber, and his main power source, the Golden Crystal.

    Despite the fact that the anime took away all his powers, Tuxedo Kamen is STILL pretty strong and skillful. His aim in throwing roses NEVER fails. Even though he was dying, he aimed a rose perfectly at Beryl's heart and injured her in the anime. His careful aim has saved and helped Sailor Moon and the other senshi many times, not to mention his cane which extends and saved Sailor Moon from Prince Diamond. With Tuxedo Kamen, he is a lot like Sailor Mercury - both use their brains rather than their weak anime powers. And with his words of encouragement, he has helped motivate Sailor Moon and the Senshi to conquer enemies. He is like an older mentor figure to them all, and is highly respected and revered.