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The King

King Endymion

The gorgeous, and all powerful King Endymion. With his brilliance, his powers from Elysion, and his skills as an engineer, our senshi of the Earth creates Crystal Tokyo. He has equipped the palace with a high defense shield, and has computer programs that safe-guard the kingdom at all times. He is able to project himself as a hologram, and control everything within the palace easily.

This remarkable man is shown more fully in the manga, but his power and intellect isn't everything. In the manga, he is much more cuter and his mask looks sexier, as does his lavendar cloak and tuxedo. (Wonder why Naoko chose lavendar of all colors! I prefer the armour to all else) The anime tends to make him look dorky and don't get me started on how freaky his North American dub voice sounds!

As always, he and his Neo-Queen are very much in love. When the tragedy strikes, his wife is all he can think about. He goes to her asking her what he should do, how can he help others without her. It's obvious that even in the future, their relationship has grown and moved to such an intimate level.

He tells us a great deal of Crystal Tokyo's history. He speaks of how at age 22 Usagi became Neo-Queen Selenity and ascended the throne, giving birth to Chibi Usa. He spoke of how they vanquished evil humans who mutinied, of how they defeated the Death Phantom in the past.

When the next tragedy strikes (Chibi Usa disappearing) he goes and visits Sailor Pluto for the very first time to ask her if she knows where Chibi Usa is. After asking her, he promtly leaves. He does not stay and chat any longer, and it is clear that he never even thought of Pluto in any other way but as a friend.

In the manga, Pluto smiles and thinks to herself, this is the first time he has come and visited me. It is obvious Pluto is very honoured and happy to be receiving such a visit. It is widely believed that Sailor Pluto of the manga may have been in love with King Endymion - but this is just not true. Nothing in the manga is conclusive as to whether Pluto cared for the King in *that* way. The fact that she smiled, and the fact that she comments on his closeness, and the color of his suit when she is dying are manga facts that Pro-Pluto/Mamoru people bring up as evidence of feelings, but that is not evidence. Real evidence would be if Naoko wrote Pluto having feelings for the King, but she never did that. It's mostly just wild rumours and a fun idea for fan fiction writers to play with.

As far as any affection Pluto *may* have felt let us not confuse King Endymion with Mamoru. Fan fic writers put *Mamoru* with Pluto but they forget that in the manga, it is the King that Sailor Pluto was smiling over, not Mamoru. And this is evidenced upon Sailor Pluto's reincarnation. Neo-Queen Selenity reincarnated Sailor Pluro and sends he rback int ime so Sailor Pluto can have her wish - to fight with Sailor Moon and the others. Sailor Pluto no longer has ANY feelings for the King and especially not Mamoru.

King Endymion is a man of nobility, warmth, and compassion. His love for Selenity is pure, undying, and endless. It would be a great insult to his honour and character, not to mention Pluto's noble and virtuous character, to place her and the King together. I have great respect for the beauty of the characters and hate it when people mar their dignified characters, slandering them by putting them with ridiculous couples.

In conclusion, King Endymion is a man of mystery, but from everything we do know of his character, he is the kind of King who would die for his people, live and die for his family, and most of all, be true to himself, and his wish to always protect his planet Earth alongside his soulmate, Selenity.