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Lara's Sailor Moon Homepage
The Heart Of Mamoru

Thus far I have delved into Mamoru's background as a child, his former life as Prince, his future as King, and all the objects and people who have touched his life.
But we have left out four of the most profound things that have ever happened to Mamoru.

His true love and soulmate, Usagi; his only beloved daughter, Chibi Usa; the events that led to Mamoru's death and salvation; and lastly, his dream at last fulfilled - a wedding in which he marries Usagi.

This section shows all the ways in which Mamoru is a lover to Usagi, a father to Chibi Usa, and depicts his death and salvation completely, and tells the entire wedding ending of Sailor Moon.

It is my goal to show Sailor Moon fans the true Mamoru as he was meant to be - originally from the manga. And with this section, I will have accomplished that goal.