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Chibi Usa's Incarnations

Chibi Usa has had many different incarnations throughout the series of Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon. Here, you will find descriptions and plenty of pictures of her many forms. Enjoy! *^_~* 

Tsukino Usagi, or Chibi Usa, as she's known to everyone in 20th Century Tokyo, first appears in episode #60 of Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon R. She drops in quite unexpectedly (literally! *^_~*) and introduces herself as Usagi. She's not very happy to be there, and she's very suspicious of everyone (which we find out later is for good cause). In the first season she's there (R), she's five years old, so quite obviously she's not going to be very mature. It's not til the very end of that season that she finds out that she is, in fact, Mamoru and Usagi's future daughter (they're kinda clueless, dontchya think? *sigh* Oh well...) At first, not many BSSM fans liked Chibi Usa, because of her whinny, bratty, demanding ways. However, she has her charming moments as well. In the rest of the series as well, she is known as Chibi Usa when she's in her civilian form.

In 30th Century Crystal Tokyo, Chibi Usa is known only as Tsukino Usagi, not Chibi Usa. Her title there is Small Lady, or Princess Serenity. Sailor Pluto always calls her by her title, even in 20th Century Tokyo. Chibi Usa is generally refered to as Princess Serenity, or Neo Princess Serenity when she is in her white gown (as shown in the picture).

In Sailormoon S, Chibi Usa returns and "saves the day" (not really... *^_~*) as Sailor Chibimoon, a Sailor Senshi-in-training. She's not very effective or powerful in S, with her only attack being Pink Sugar Heart Attack. But it's still cute to watch her annoy the baddies. *^_~* She gets more attacks in SuperS, including Twinkle Yell, and in the SuperS movie, Moon Gorgeous Meditation.

When Sailor Chibimoon calls on Pegasus for help, he responds, and transforms Sailorchibimoon and Sailormoon into Super Sailor Chibimoon and Super Sailormoon. They then have new powers and more strength, being better able to beat the baddies! *^_~*

Black Lady is an evil incarnation of Chibi Usa (and my boyfriend's favorite! *^_~* He's not too fond of Chibi Usa...). In BSSM R, Wiseman preys on Chibi Usa's sorrowful feelings of self-pity and turns her to his side, feeding the energy of the dark crystal into her. She's brainwashed into believing that Sailormoon and the other senshi are against her and always have been, that she's completely alone in the world and no one loves her. Don't worry, though. She's eventually turned back into our lovely little princess after Usagi and the others make her see the reality of the situation.