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Lara's Sailor Moon Homepage
Generic Information

Most of this info has been taken out of Sailor Moon Manga Volume #10


Name: Hotaru Tomoe

Meaning: firefly of earth

Birthday: January 6

Blood Type: AB (Why did I list her blood type here? Well, I've heard in Japan, that people believe that your blood type reflects your personality)

Sign: Capricorn

Age: 11 (she's in the 6th grade)

Favorite food: Japanese noodles (Nihon soba)

Least favorite food: Milk

School: Mugen Gakuen

Favorite subject: World History

Least favorite subject: Physical Education

Favorite color: purple

Hobbies: reading, collecting lamps

Dream: to be a doctor


Death Ribbon Revolution (Thousands of ribbons explode out of her glaive... this power is capabale of destroying the world)

Silence Wall (this is used to block attacks or other objects hurled at her or people around her)

Silence Glaive Surprise (this attack was used in the anime Sailor Stars #6. It releases death, but Saturn dies too if she uses this power. The manga version's effects are a little different) A huge pink energy force erupts from Saturn's glaive... she then smashes the glaive into the ground creating this HUGE explosion.