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Lara's Sailor Moon Homepage
Saturn Storyline

          Warning: There ARE tons of spoilers below!  Watch out!

Hotaru's classmates are afraid of herHotaru Tomoe is a weak child who never really received much love in her life. Her father is always off to his "experiments," and her father's secretary, Kaolite, is always teasing and torturing Hotaru. All of her classmates at school are afraid of her. She gets these "sezuires" in which when she wakes up, she can't remember what happens. Usually when she wakes up, she finds out that she has hurt one of her friends. In one case, her pet goldfish "Goldie." Little Hotaru was crying over her dead goldfish and the broken bowl crying,"Who killed Goldie?" when Kaolite came over and said,"You did... now clean up this mess." Little Hotaru just screamed,"I DIDN'T!" Another case that she hurt one of her friends was a boy at school. She came into the classroom one day, and saw him all bandadged up and asked if he was okay. He pushed away from her, obviously frightened of her. The other classmates questioned about how she can act so innocent when she knew what happened, while Hotaru ran away. She went crying over to her father telling him that she always manages to hurt her friends, so she's always losing them, but she doesn't remember it. She told him its like there's another person inside of her. Her father tried to calm her down and said there is nothing wrong with her.

Hotaru happily looks on to her father's experiment Hotaru and her dad are possessed by evil beings called Daimons who work for a force called Pharoah 90 (Hotaru is possessed by a Daimon called Misstress 9, while Souichi (Hotaru's dad) is possessed by a Daimon called Gerumatou). Hotaru's dad is a scientist, and when Hotaru was little, she was in his lab. She was looking at one of his experiments (some DNA testing), and she noticed that it was acting strange...something strange appeared in the transparent globe. It blew up killing everyone in the lab except Prof. Tomoe. Pharoah 90 came down from the ceiling and told that he would save Hotaru if Souichi would work for him. Hotaru's dad said he didn't care about his life, but if Pharoah 90 could save Hotaru, that would be enough. Pharoah 90 laughed and took them both. From there, Professor Tomoe creates the Death Busters to help them revive their Messiah of Silence and bring Pharaoh 90 into this world to bring about the "Age of Silence."  Papa gets possessed

Friends from the startHotaru got another chance at a new friendship when she met Chibi-Usa one day at the park. Hotaru was sitting on a nearby bench reading a book, when she saw Chibi-Usa yelling that her hat was blowing away. Sure enough, when Hotaru looked up, there was a hat blowing away in a gust of wind. Hotaru managed to grab the hat before it landed in the river. Chibi-Usa ran up quickly and thanked Hotaru. Then, in a spurt of a cute moment, Chibi-Usa said,"Would you like to play with me?" Hotaru looked at Chibi-Usa with a blank stare. Chibi-Usa then introduced herself. Hotaru said,"I'm Tomoe Hotaru." They then took hands and smiled. (do you FEEL the cute vibes just GUSHING?!) Later, after being threatened by a daimon, Chibi-Usa gets a scraped knee. Hotaru sees this and heals Chibi-Usa's wounds. Chibi-Usa is amazed and smiles a HUGE smile at Hotaru. Hotaru says that she's always had this strange power, and she didn't know why.

From there, their friendship grew. However, one day, Chibi-Usa came over to Hotaru's house and rang the doorbell. Kaolite answered the door, while Chibi-Usa asked if Hotaru was there. Kaolite just said she was resting and couldn't come out, then shut the door. Chibi-Usa walked away sadly. Meanwhile, inside, Hotaru asked Kaolite if the person at the door was for her. Kaolite said that it was "that girl" again, and said that she had sent her away. Hotaru got angry saying,"Why did you do that?!" and ran down the hallway. Kaolite stopped her saying that she knew that Hotaru was sick and can't play, and that Hotaru's father spoils her by letting her do whatever Hotaru wants. Hotaru ran off anyway, and caught Chibi-Usa while she was walking down the street. Hotaru gasped for air, and said she was glad she was glad she caught her. She then proceeded to apologize and was worried if Kaolite said something mean to Chibi-Usa. Chibi-Usa stared and said Hotaru didn't look very good. Hotaru then passed out, while Chibi-Usa kept screaming,"Hotaru-chan!!" Ami and Usagi heard her cries and came to help. They brought Hotaru over to Ami's mom's hospital, where Hotaru recovered. Ami told Hotaru that her mom will be in shortly, but Hotaru told Ami that she was told specifically not to see any doctors (this is kind of a hint of what she is in the manga. They never go into this in the anime. In the manga, its explained that Hotaru's dad had rebuilt her body because of the accident when she was little, so her body's partly a machine. The machine has been deteriating causing her to become sickly as she slowly starts to die.). Hotaru thanks Ami and Usagi, and Chibi-Usa and Hotaru go off back to Hotaru's home. When they're out of the hospital premises, Haruka drives up (in her tacky yellow car) and offers them a ride. She asks who Chibi-Usa's friend is. Hotaru introduces herself. Haruka says,"Oh, Tomoe? Your the daughter of Professor Tomoe?" Hotaru-"Hai." Haruka gives Hotaru a suspicious glance from the rear view mirror.

Haruka senses something in the air... a daimon is attacking. She stops the car abruptly, and looks around. Chibi-Usa asks whats wrong, while Haruka comes up with a lame excuse at the split second time she has. "Well, I'm.. uh.. really thristy. I'll be right back." Chibi-Usa senses something too, and tells Hotaru to wait in the car as she jumps out and runs after Haruka. Indeed, there is a daimon attacking with Mimete (one of the Witches5... but at this part, the "Witches4" ^_^*). They fight the daimon (while Mimete runs away... there are just too many senshi! Chibi-Usa contacted the inner senshi with her Luna-P). The daimon also runs away, while in a humorous scene, the inner senshi, who have just arrived, stare blankly at the strange daimon as Usagi asks,"What was THAT?!" Sailor Uranus runs after the daimon in a flash... the daimon is headed right toward her car! Errr... Hotaru! Hotaru is having one of her seizures again, and when the daimon apporaches her, she knocks it back in a HUGE force of power. Super SailorMoon then finishes the daimon off. Chibi-Usa goes over to Hotaru to see if she's okay. Hotaru looks worried, knowing something has happend. She tells Chibi-Usa that she doesn't think they should meet anymore. Hotaru's scared that she'll hurt Chibi-Usa just like she did her other friends. After Hotaru has run away, Uranus tells the inner senshi to stay away from Hotaru. Sailor Moon asks why, but Uraunus told her not to ask questions... just do it.

However, that doesn't stop Chibi-Usa at striving to get her friend back. Even when Hotaru runs away every time she sees her, Chibi-Usa is persistant. (that's part of her character trait. ^_^). She goes over to Hotaru's house (Kaolite answers the door yet again). Chibi-Usa tells Kaolite to give this bunny backpack to Hotaru. When Kaolite closes the door, Hotaru is standing right behind her. Hotaru grabs the bunny backpack away from Kaolite as if Kaolite was going to destroy it then and there. Hotaru takes a letter out of the backpack. Chibi-Usa had invited her out on a picnic. Kaolite objected saying that Hotaru was too sick, but Hotaru's dad came in and said that it would be good for Hotaru since he can't give Hotaru proper attention because of his job. Hotaru is VERY happy, and they all have a wonderful time.

But they just look so happy, don't they?At the picnic, the outer senshi are watching them vveerry carefully... Haruka is very upset that Mamoru, Usagi, and Chibi-Usa are with Hotaru after she had warned them about her. Neptune and Pluto smiled saying,"Oh, but they just look so happy, don't they?"

Later, a daimon appears (of course!). Sailor Moon, Sailor Chibi-Moon, and Tuxedo Kamen fight the daimon, but get tangled up. (The daimon is based off a yellow rose, and it can use huge roots to erupt from the ground). Hotaru sees one of the roots, grabs it, and ses her power to sucks the daimon dry. This is the second time we see Hotaru's destructive power. Super Sailor Moon then finishes the daimon off.

Some way off, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are talking about the comming of the Messiah of Silence, the destroyer of worlds. Michiru tells them that she's getting a better picture of their messiah now... the true holder of the Sacred Holy Grail (the power that lets Sailor Moon turn into Super Sailor Moon). Michiru explains,"She's holding something long in her hands." Setsuna and Haruka gasp, and wonder if its Sailor Saturn.. the senshi that should never be awakened. When she awakes, that is the time of the end of the world. Haruka says that they must kill Saturn in order to save the planet. Setsuna and Michiru agree... that they will do anything to save this world.

Again, later, the series is at a turning point when Sailor Saturn is actually revealed to be Hotaru. It started when Chibi-Usa ran up to Hotaru one day asking if she could come to this new planetarium with her. Hotaru said she'd have to go ask her dad, but Chibi-Usa sadly said that the show will be over by then. The inner senshi agree to come with them, and Chibi-Usa says that she'll help Hotaru apologize to her father later. Hotaru blushes and agrees to come. While they're at the planetarium, they see that the inner senshi are AGAIN with Hotaru. (Oooh.. Haruka's gotta be VERY peeved) Setsuna stares at Usagi for awhile, and Usagi feeling 'da great eyes of Puu,' she brings the inner senshi over to Setsuna, leaving Chibi-Usa and Hotaru to watch the show. Pluto explains that the outer senshi are having dreams of the comming of the end of the world. She asks Mars if she's felt anything. Rei explains that she's been having this dream over and over of everything being destroyed. Setsuna uses her Pluto staff to let the other senshi see what Rei has been seeing in her dream. 

*cue dream sequence* :Rei runs and runs down the shadowy dream. Three bright points of light shine in her eyes and a bell tolls, as Rei steps back. "Are you the Messiah?" she asks. The three points dissapear along with this circle shaped object behind them. An eerie wind blows by Rei as she gasps and looks upward. Atop the demoslished building stands a tall figure of a grown woman with a long, long staff in her hands... as the symbol of the grim reaper flashes by the figure. The figure positions the glaive, jumps off the ruins, and kills Rei, blood spurting. *end dream sequence* The inner senshi are agast, but then, a daimon attacks. While its attacking, Hotaru goes into one of her seizures... this time its a very bad one. Chibi-Usa runs off to call the hospital, but Sailor Uranus appears in front of Chibi-Usa and tells her to wait a little longer. The inner senshi come to stop the daimon, but its almost impossible to reach it since its throwing blasts of power every which way, as the senshi duck behind seats. Hotaru stands up, in as much pain as ever... Chibi-Usa screams telling Hotaru to get down or she'll get hurt by the blasts from the daimon. 

Do you puny senshi THINK you can kill ME?!Hotaru bursts open with power, a purple light surrounding her. The symbol of the planet Saturn appears on her head as this REALLY cool Saturn music plays in the background. (tis so perrrdy!). Eeevil!  MUAHAHAH!Hotaru gives a VERY evil stare towards the daimon, and its parylized. Super Sailor Moon attacks the daimon in its weak position. After its destroyed, we see that Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are using their attacks. The inner senshi gasp in surprise... they didn't know what the heck the outer senshi were doing. The three attacks of the outer senshi merge, creating a HUGE and obviously VERY powerful ball of energy and throws it toward Sailor Saturn. Saturn just smiles wickedly as if saying,"You puny little senshi think you can hurt ME?!" Chibi-Usa screams, jumping in front of Hotaru. Usagi dashes in and grabs Hotaru and Chibi-Usa and slids arcoss the floor to safety. Uranus is VEERRY upset and tells the inners that they HAVE to kill Saturn to save the world. Chibi-Usa and Usagi plead to them that there has to be another say. Sailor Moon says that she's a senshi like them, so there HAS to be another way. Mars says that they have no right to kill Hotaru. Just then, Hotaru disapears from the room, and reapears in her room where Kaolite is. Kaolite says to the knocked out Hotaru,"You were supposed to be home now. Its very bad to get sidetracked." At the planetarium, Uranus cursed. 

Afterward, Chibi-Usa runs toward Hotaru's house while the haunting memories of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto telling her that the only way to save the world is to kill Hotaru. When she arrives and looks through the rooms, for a moment, Chibi imagines Hotaru look back at her in her room, but the image vanishes and the reality sinks in. Everything is gone and the house is abandoned. Chibi-Usa starts crying, when Setsuna comes in. Chibi-Usa tells her that she hates her because she wants to kill Hotaru-chan. She starts crying again, while Setsuna hugs her. 

Hotaru makes a special trip to bring a flower to Chibi-UsaHotaru and the rest of the Death Busters are below the Mugen school. Hotaru wakes up from her "evil state" wondering where she is. Hotaru walks by a plant shop where she is stopped by Telulun (a Death Buster.. in disquise of course!). Telulun gives Hotaru this plant called "Brings Good Fortune." The plant was free since it was the last one in the store. Hotaru thanks the lady, and runs off to give it to Chibi-Usa... she thought the name of the plant suited Chibi. She then drops by Chibi-Usa's house for a suprise visit to give her the plant she got from a store (which is part of Telulun's plan... the flowers from this one store, when they bloom, they steal a person's heart crystal.. but Hotaru didn't know). She obviously doesn't remember what happened after she had her "seizure"... she never does. Hotaru tells Chibi-Usa that she's afraid that she might hurt Chibi-Usa, but she's so glad to be her friend. She then doubles over in pain, sits on the ground, and her eyes start to flash. She reaches for Chibi-Usa saying, "I want your pure heart..." Chibi-Usa stares worried. A flash of Hotaru's face flashes by the screen as she screams. In the real world, Hotaru snaps out of her "trance." She tells Chibi-Usa that she's scared as Chibi-Usa tries to comfort her. Just then, Kaolite appears, blasts Chibi away, grabs Hotaru, and fades away. Usagi and Chibi-Usa are left stunned. Setsuna appears, and sees the flower that Chibi-Usa's holding. She knocks the flower out of her hand. Chibi-Usa is upset and yells at Setsuna, "That it was a present from Hotaru which she made a special visit for!" Just then, they see the flower laying on the ground as is dries up all the grass and part of a tree root it lay on. Setsuna said that maybe Hotaru brought the flower over to Chibi-Usa as a plan to take her heart crystal. (Setsuna had studied the plant and found it to be dangerous and that it sucked away a person's pure heart crystal). Chibi-Usa objected saying Hotaru would never do something like that and insists on proving Hotaru innocent and not part of the Death Buster's plots.

ViluyLater, after the defeat of Telulun (a student of Mugen High (and also a Death Buster... part of the Witches5)), the senshi decide to investigate the Mugan school... since there have been strange things going on there for a time now, anyway. While investigating, Haruka and Michiru find Hotaru (in her "Misstress 9 state") sleeping in the basement. They recognize her as the Messiah of Silence, and run up to kill her, when Ami steps in and stops them. Ami says,"She isn't responsible! The Death Busters have been taking advantage of poor Hotaru!" Just then, they were met by Viluy, another member of the Witches5. She tells them that the basement is off limits. She says that they being very suspicious. Haruka and Michiru ran to Hotaru, probably thinking Ami would distract Viluy, but the Death Buster attacked them, making them drop to the ground. Then, Ami transformed and Viluy and Mercury went at it. Mercury started to lose, but just in time the other senshi came to her rescue. (yeah... they always have good timing, don't they?) They all managed to defeat Viluy, but the basement started to crumble as Hotaru dissapeared in the smoke of the room as you hear Professor Tomoe voice say,"Sailor Senshi, this is only the beginning of the fight!" Hotaru's eyes glow eerily through the smoke. 

Chibi-Usa is termined to help out Hotaru, transforms, and goes into Hotaru's house. Kaolite sees her transform from a window. Kaolite is pleased... since she targeted Chibi-Usa (because she was Hotaru's friend) for her heart crystal, and knowing she's a sailor senshi is just icing on the cake. After a battle between Chibi-Moon, Kaolite, Tuxedo Kamen, and Pluto, Chibi-Moon is captured. 

Twins!After all that, the senshi were checking out a room in the Mugen school. A lady with blue hair, tied back in a braid with a lil "odango" on the side, was stealing all the student's in the schools heart crystals. The five inner senshi were caught in a bubble, confronted a blue haired girl named Ptilol. Ptilol blantently told them she knew they were Sailor Senshi, so having nothing to lose, they all transformed. While the inner senshi were fighting Ptilol, another blast of energy always knocked them back... they didn't know where it was comming from until agirl with red hair named Cyprine(she looked like a kinda twin of the blue haired girl) appeared and attacked the senshi along with Ptilol. They were almost unbeatable together, but after a plan to seperate the two (and after a way kewl fight scene) they managed to destroy them. Just then, a portal opens up. Mercury tells them its from a disturbance in space and probably opens up to another room. The inner senshi step through. 

Meanwhile, the Uranus and Neptune are already at the spot where the Death Busters are. Professor Tomoe welcomes them, and tells them they're just in time for the ceremony of the awakening of their messiah. The two see Chibi-Moon positioned on some sort of alter. Uranus dashes in to save her, but an invisible force field blasts Uranus back. The inner senshi run in. Usagi sees Chibi-Moon on the alter, and just like Uranus, she runs smack into the force field and gets blasted back. 

Hotaru's eyes open, glowing red. She stands up as two "hands" formed from pure energy reach out from Hotaru and grabs Chibi-Usa ripping her heart crystal out. Chibi-Moon returns to her normal clothes as she lays unconcious on the alter. Sailor Moon cries from a distance saying this is too cruel. Hotaru is ready to swallow this perfect heart crystal. Sailor Moon begs and pleads for Chibi-Usa's life. She tells Professor Tomoe, if he loved Hotaru, he would make this stop. Tomoe just looked at them, and asked in a joking tone,"What's love?" The senshi look surprised/scared. Hotaru swallows the heart crystal , her hair grows long, and she gets a grown woman's body. Uranus and Neptune stand back agast saying,"What's going on? That's NOT Sailor Saturn!" Hotaru introduces herself saying,"No... I'm Misstress 9... the Messiah of Silence." She then proceeds to destroy much of the room and kills Kaolite, while the senshi say that Saturn hasn't been awoken... but Hotaru has become a Death Buster. Misstress 9 tells Prof. Tomoe to proceed to the next step. The barrier that's blocking the senshi's way to Chibi-Usa is broken. The senshi run out of the building to safety; Sailor Moon carrying Chibi-Usa. 

They meet Tuxedo Kamen, Luna, and Artemis outside. Sailor Moon goes up to Tuxedo Kamen crying that Chibi-Usa isn't breathing.

The senshi go to fight the enemyAt Mamoru's apartment, Mamoru is trying to save Chibi by giving her part of his life source. The inners know that the outers went off to kill Hotaru. The Inner Senshi go off to try to find some way to save her, but at the same time defeat the enemy. They arrive at the now abandoned Mugen School building, and transform. The Death Busters need Sailor Moon's Holy Grail to they can give Pharoah 90 enough power to take over. Misstress 9 sees the inner senshi comming, and says that its so very convenient that the senshi are bringing the cup to them. However, the Death Busters need time to get stronger, so Misstress 9 brings these red goo type creatures from the broken daimon eggs in the lab, to create a huge border around the building.

the red goo release the senshi's grip on Sailor MoonThe senshi try to use Sailor Teleport, but are attacked by the goo creatures, and so they are distracted for the moment. The creatures don't let them have any time to attempt to teleport as an endless supply of them keep comming from the building. Finally, in the second try Sailor Moon uses her attack with her moon stick, and they have a few moments to teleport. However, Misstress 9's hand reaches out from the sky and grabs Sailor Moon's neck, and proceeds to pull her in. The other senshi run to Sailor Moon's aid, trying to keep her with them. The goo creatures attack the senshi, and release their grip on Sailor Moon. Misstress 9 pulls her in, while the inner senshi are left stunned. The goo creatures retreat and make up the border around the building.

Pluto stops timeMeanwhile, the outer senshi are traveling to the building in a helicoptor. (don't ask me how they got it... I think its Haruka's. ^_^) The goo creatures see them aproaching, and attack the helicoptor, wrapping around it and making it explode. Sailor Pluto then stops time and saves them. Uranus and Neptune ask why Pluto's kept such a power a secret. Pluto explains that the power is taboo. They ask what will happen to Pluto. She just answers by saing,"If I will meet the true messiah..." and teleports Uranus and Neptune to safety inside the building. The two outers watch the helicoptor explode from the ground... 

Inside the building, Misstress 9 is battling Hotaru inside of her... she manages to keep Hotaru from taking over. She then turns into the form of Hotaru and tells Prof. Tomoe that she's going to get the Holy Grail, and orders him to get rid of the other senshi. (she calls him by the name of Daimon Gerumatou). 

Outside the building, the inner senshi are making a barrier to keep the red goo creatures from destroying the city since their border has been growing. 

Uranus and Neptune run through the building, and find Prof. Tomoe (yes, he's still possessed!) blocking their path. He tells them that they are not allowed to go into this area, and says its a shame that they arn't daimon hosts. A huge daimon comes out of Prof. Tomoe (de-possessing him... if that's even a word) and stands threateningly as Tomoe falls to the ground. Uranus destroys the huge daimon with "World Shaking." Peices of the daimon rain down on the ground... the peices shoot into these "daimon shells." Uranus, Neptune, and the daimons fight. The two outer senshi are entangled by the many daimons. However, a faded picture of Pluto's face flashes by the screen as she says,"Talismans!" Uranus's and Neptune's talismans (the sword and the mirror) appear in front of them, and destroys the daimon's grip on them. With their new found "toys" (heehee... sorry) they manage to kill all the daimons. Neptune uses her mirror to locate the main daimon... while Uranus shoves the sword into the daimon's face, killing it... thus killing the others. Uranus and Neptune look sad... Uranus said,"For a moment.. it sounded like Pluto..." They run off (leaving Prof. Tomoe on the ground.)

Sailor Moon wakes up coughing. She sees Hotaru laying on the ground. She tries to help Hotaru, while Hotaru says that she heard that if Sailor Moon shone the Holy Grail in the darkness, the darkness would go away. She tells Sailor Moon to hurry. "Hotaru" blows her cover by asking "Usagi" to save Chibi-Usa. Sailor Moon questions Hotaru asking how she knew Usagi was Sailor Moon... Sailor Moon looks grimly on Hotaru and asks her,"You're not Hotaru, are you?" Misstress 9 replies,"In the looks.." Hotaru stands up and transforms into her Misstress 9 state. Just then, Uranus and Neptune comes bursting through the door and tell Usagi to step aside. They attack Misstress 9, but Sailor Moon jumps in the way, and is hit instead. Misstress 9 thanks Sailor Moon, and traps Uranus and Neptune by tying them up with her hair, and traping them on the side of a huge Death Buster statue. She strangles them with her hair and threatens Sailor Moon that she's going to kill them if she doesn't give her the Holy Grail. 

However, Hotaru's dad enters, walks up to Misstress 9 saying that its all his fault Hotaru's like this. Misstress 9 sees that he's no longer a daimon and coldly knocks him away. She strangles him with her hair, but Hotaru tries to save him. Small little "Poppa?"s come from Misstress 9. Usagi looks up hopeful. Misstress 9 falls to the floor saying,"Poppa, it hurts!" and releases her dad, and looses her hair around Uranus and Neptune's necks. Uranus and Neptune scream at Usagi that this is her chance to kill the dark messiah. Sailor Moon says,"No! Hotaru's still iin there!" Hotaru's dad crawls up to Hotaru trying to comfort her. "Hotaru" tells him that only getting the Holy Grail will let her recover. Her dad asks where he can get it for her.

Sailor Moon held out her hands to give the Holy Grail to Misstress 9 while Uranus and Neptune scream at her that she didn't have the right to give it to her since she wasn't the messiah. Their desperate calls doesn't influence Sailor Moon. Misstress 9 looks up, points to the Holy Grail's light, and tells her dad that that's the Sacred Cup. Sailor Moon walks up to Hotaru's dad and gives it to him. He thanks her, and gives it to Hotaru. Misstress9 grabs the cup, and the second her hands get on it, she smiles evily. She blows everyone back laughing. Uranus and Neptune watch sadly from the statue. She thanks Sailor Moon, and says she'll repay her for her kindness by letting her live and be a daimon host when Phoroah 90 comes to destroy the world. She says that there's no way to stop Pharoah 90 now that they have the Holy Grail (the purest form of a heart crystal of the emotions of love, sadness, anger, and happineess) unless Sailor Moon creates something more powerful than it. Misstress 9 then forces the cup into this cylindar. The cup shatters to pieces as this huge dome that Pharoah 90 is in and growing erupts with power. A huge force of power (by accident?) blasts Misstress 9 away. When the smoke cleared, we see that Sailor Moon had jumped in front of Hotaru and her dad, and her dad had grabbed Misstress 9 to protect her. Sailor Moon is gasping for breath and she's all torn up. 

Aaww!The real Hotaru is able to come back. She says,"Poppa... its dark... I can't see anything." Her father comforts her telling her hes here. He tells her that he wishes they could go back to the good times. Then, there are some VERY cute flashbacks of Hotaru and her dad. One was Hotaru happily shouting,"Popaa!" with a cute hat on. Another was of little Hotaru scowling and saying,"Ooh... Poppa!" (like, 'waah! yer so mean!') and another was her crying with her backpack on calling for him. 

Hotaru defeats Misstress 9 within her mindHowever, Misstress 9 desperately tries to come back. She violently pushes her father away while screaming. Hotaru has a battle inside of her with Misstress 9. Hotaru thinks of all the people she cares about. A VERY determined looking Hotaru flahes by the screen, and Misstress 9 starts to scream. The black star on Misstress 9's forhead shatters, and is replaced with the purple Saturn symbol. Misstress 9 is torn apart screaming. She disapears. 

Hotaru reapears in Mamoru's apartment. She tells Chibi-Usa that everything's going to be okay, and returns her heart crystal back to her. She fades away while thanking Chibi-Usa.

Meanwhile, everything was falling apart and crumbling at the school. Uranus and Neptune were freed when the statue broke apart and shattered to peices. Pharoah 90 loomed in the background growing madly. Sailor Moon was kneeling on the ground torn up. Neptune and Uranus were saying that all their efforts were for nothing and that the end was here. Uranus yelled at Sailor Moon from a distance saying this could have been all avoided if not for Sailor Moon's kindness. She then shouted,"Are you satisfied?! ANSWER ME!" then fell to the ground. 

Just then, Sailor Moon heard Hotaru's voice call her name. Sailor Moon looked up, and Sailor Saturn slowly appeared into view in front of Pharoah 90. Sailor Saturn thanks Sailor Moon for protecting her body. She then tells Sailor Moon she's going to go into the heart of Pharaoh 90 to destroy it. Sailor Moon says that she'll go with her, but Saturn explains that Sailor Moon doesn't have the power to fight it. She explains that she's called the sacrificing senshi because when she goes to destroy Pharaoh 90, she too will die when she uses her power (Death Ribbon Revolution- Saturn's power that if she uses its destructive force, the power is so great, it destroys herself too.) Saturn's glaive appears in her hand. Sailor Moon tries to run up to her, but Saturn sticks her glaive in Sailor Moon's face , then bids farewell. She jumps into Pharaoh 90 with ease. A fight could clearly be seen... Pharoah 90 swirly angrily and blows and bolts of light flash outward. 

Sailor Moon tries to follow Saturn in, but is blasted backward. She yells out "Crisis, Make-up!" to turn into Super Sailor Moon but nothing happens. The Holy Grail has been destroyed. She shouts over and over, smashing her fist into the ground crying. 

The inner senshi's tiraras start glowing, including Uranus and Neptune. The senshi give Sailor Moon the power to turn into Super Sailor Moon to help Saturn. In one final cry of "Crisi... Make- UUPPppppppp!" she transforms, and runs over to Pharaoh 90. It's destroyed and disapears.

Uranus and Neptune stand among the rubble. (the inner senshi are laying on the ground out cold). Uranus and Neptune remeber Pluto's words,"but if I get a chance to meet the true messiah...." Uranus and Neptune look towards the sky... hundreds of butterflies fly down from the sky, and Sailor Moon appears holding the baby Hotaru. Hotaru has been reborn to start a new life.

Sailor Moon collapses, and Neptune and Uranus take baby Hotaru. Later, they return her to her father, who is at the hospital. The nurse tells them that he has partial amnesia and may never recover some of his memories. 

kawai baby Hotaru! When Chibi-Usa wakes up, she asks the inner senshi about Hotaru. Usagi says she's alive (even though Usagi isn't all that sure). When Chibi-Usa is at school (she tries to hide her true feelings about the whole matter as not to upset anybody), he hat blows off when she's riding her bicycle. She runs up to get it and is greeted by Sailor Pluto. She tells Chibi Usa that Hotaru is alright and has been born again for a new life. Chibi-Usa says she's sad and lonely because she can't be with Pluto and Hotaru. Pluto comforts her saying that they'll see each other soon. When Pluto disappears, she hears a voice down below,"Is this your hat?" Hotaru's father is in a wheelchair and has caught her hat. Chibi-usa runs down and see's baby Hotaru in his lap. She recognizes her, but a nurse yells to Souichi Tmoe to return. He goes back, while Chibi-Usa thinks,"We'll see each other again!" and wipes away her tears. Hotaru is kept a baby all through the SuperS season (4th season) (grr.. she came back in the 4th season in the manga!)

But anyway, in Sailor Stars (fifth Season) Hotaru returned and was again awakened as Sailor Saturn. Nepherenia's mirror peons were attacking Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. The baby Hotaru awakened and gave the outer senshi the power they Saturn gives small Hotaru her memory backneeded to defeat the mirror peons. Afterwards, both Hotaru's mind and body began growing at an incredible rate. One night, a glowy, ghostly form of Sailor Saturn appeared in Hotaru's room. Sailor Saturn told Hotaru it was time to wake up, and gave Hotaru all her memories back from the 3rd season. Hotaru then steps into the room where Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna are at almost the age where she was in the 3rd season (she still looks a little younger) but totally nude (goodness! Get that girl some clothes!). She tells them that a great threat is comming for their princess. The outer senshi then go off to fight with the inners. 

Later, it is revealed that Sailor Galaxia was the reason for Hotaru's awakening (in stars). The reason was because Galaxia wanted all the senshi's of the galaxy's star seeds. And to do that, she had to revive Saturn. When finally faced with Galaxia, we could truley see Saturn's character. She fought with no regards to her own life. She told Galaxia that she would kill her even if it took Saturn's own life. Saturn fought bravely, but she did have a fault that got her killed. When Uranus and Neptune were "brainwashed" by Galaxia (they agreed to give her their star seeds if she could keep them alive with these bracelets that forced you to work for her), Saturn refused to fight her fellow senshi. Saturn and Pluto died side by side not letting themselves kill Uranus and Neptune.

However, later, when Sailor Moon had defeated Sailor Chaos, the Senshi's star seeds were returned to them, and they were all brought back to life.

(*ahem* Okay, that's basically all the Saturn information for the anime...*gasps for breath* Bai bai now!)

"There seems to be no choice.... by sublimating you, the cause of every evil, I will end everything. In the name of Sailor Saturn, I will release the power of death!

~Sailor Saturn to Nepherenia: Episode 172