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Lara's Sailor Moon Homepage
FacesOf Saturn


The many Faces of Hotaru

Over the period that the Sailor Moon manga has been out, Hotaru/Sailor Saturn has changed her look MANY times. This page is to illustrate just when, how, and what changes were made in each "make-over."

Sailor Moon S

first appearance of Hotaru

~The first appearance of Hotaru. She's in 6th grade (older than Chibi-Usa at this time). She's depressed, lonely, sickly, and hey... also possessed!

Misstress 9

~Misstress 9. Basically the daimon that possessed Hotaru and took her body as a kind of "shell." Hotaru's body turns into an adult's with beautiful long hair. She also gets a new wardrobe! ^_^

Sailor Saturn!

~Sailor Saturn. Near the end, of course Hotaru is going to turn into Saturn and save the day! (well, sort of). The first time we see her in her Sailor fuku. Its purple, dark blue, and dark red (at least in the manga...). She also gets her very kewl Silence Glaive staff that looks like an overgrown can opener...

baby Hotaru

~Baby Hotaru. After being killed while defeating Pharaoh 90, Saturn is reborn for her good deeds. She is returned to a baby, while the 3 outers vow to care for her.

Sailor Moon SuperS

SOO cute!  Little kid Hotaru

~Little Kid Hotaru. While the outers are caring for baby Hotaru, the little kid grows at an alarming pace. (She's also kind of a brat ^_^). She's a lil mistevious(yes, I know I spelled that wrong) child, but at some points, as Neptune points out, her eyes grow cold like Saturn's. However, at other points, she's happy-go-lucky and chipper.

Super Sailor Saturn ~Super Sailor Saturn. Hotaru has regained all her previous memories from a ghostly Saturn that appeared in her potty room. She then instantly grew to the age of Chibi-Usa, where she'll stay and grow normally from now on. Since her memories have been returned to her, she can now turn into Saturn... she gives the outers the power to turn into their "Super Sailor" form, as they are powered up. She now has the transparent sleeves, and heart brooch like everyone else.

Sailor Stars

Eternal Sailor Saturn

~Eternal Sailor Saturn. Of course, there has to be another power up in the new season! Even though the regular senshi never powerup into their eternal forms in the anime, they do in the manga. They get the puffy sleeves, the long tread-like ribbons from their back, two layered skirts, longer gloves, and star shaped brooches. The regular senshi lack the wings that Eternal Sailor Moon has, though.

Galaxia-influenced Saturn

~Evil Sailor Saturn. After Galaxia destroys Saturn and takes her star seed, she ressurrects Saturn's body and uses it for her puposes.. thus turning Saturn evil... (again). She looks exactly like Eternal Sailor Saturn, except she wears the Galaxia bracelets on her wrists, and her power level is somewhat increased.
Its... very... interesting... ~Otakura-sama (the genius loci that inhabited a store) . Not many people know about THIS form of Hotaru. ^_^ This happened in "Chibi-Usa's Picture Diary" (basically a "filler episode"... totally cute stuff in here). Hotaru was possessed by an evil spirit for a short time and turned into this... um... lovely... thing.