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Heart Of Usagi


Throughout this shrine, I may use the North American and Japanese names interchangeably. I fell in love with Sailor Moon through DIC but then found the manga and now love Usagi as she was originally intended to be.

So Who is She?
Sailor Moon's name in the original Japanese anime and the original black and white manga is Usagi, and in the North American DIC dub, it is Serena. She is the most powerful senshi because of her power of rebirth (next to Hotaru/Sailor Saturn who has power of destruction). She is the reincanration of Princess Selenity and the future Neo-Queen Selenity - Queen of Crystal Tokyo. Usagi's 14 at the start of the manga and 16 when she jumps into the Galaxy Cauldron. At the end of the manga she is approximately 21 years old.

 Yes, our beloved Usagi was very immature and at first unmotivated but as a true fan will see, throughout the series, she grows up and matures quite a bit.

Usagi's strength comes from deep within her and she's sometimes surprised herself. She has shown her true worth time and time again when there is a crisis. She has, twice, sacrificed her life for her friends and for the world.

Examples of Her Strength
When she and Mamoru/Darien broke up, I admired her strength of character and how she always kept up hope.

While fighting with Fiore, in Sailor Moon R, the movie, even as he was killing her, she kept being sweet to him, telling him, 'you're not alone'. The power of Usagi's heart and her goodness is what saves the world, and her friends every time. Even when Galaxia was going to kill her in the final episode of Sailor Moon (200) Usagi kept showing love for Galaxia and told her she knew there was goodness still in her. Because of Usagi's warmth and love, she won and saved the world. She is the most giving and forgiving of all the Senshi.

But She's Such a Klutz and Seems So Ditzy!
Usagi is who she is - the sweet, gluttonous, playful, cheerful, and yes, clumsy girl who is Leader of the Senshi. Her destiny has always been to be a leader, from the time she was Princess Serenity, to the future as Neo-Queen Serenity. The Anime plays up these qualities but the Manga focuses on how she matures and stops being so clumsy, really applying herself and becoming a strong senshi.

The Princess vs Usagi - Is There a Difference?
In a word: NO. In the manga, we're shown how Usagi was JUST as playful and mischeivous on the Moon as she is on Earth. For example when she runs away from the Moon to be with Endymion on Earth and she sticks out her tongue at Sailor Venus. The anime, however, practically gives Usagi and the Princess 2 different personalities, even changing their voices to have an accent. The manga never hinted at any big difference between Usagi and her past as Princess Selenity, and with what we DO see, and the fact that her own Mother, Queen Selenity remarks that she is just as curious as ever, the evidence points to similarities rather than differences.

Why We Love Usagi
If Usagi wasn't the person that she is, with her inner goodness and cheerful nature, she wouldn't have won the battles and she wouldn't be the leader. The Sailor Moon world would have suffered greatly. So for all of you who think she's an incredible crybaby, a wuss, and annoying - you overlook her greater qualties for those of her lesser, still developing persona. She is an example of what we all want to be - beautiful, strong, courageous, surrounded by excellent friends, and in love with a man who loves her back heart and soul. Plus she's fun, and not conceited, and just the kind of friend we'd want! :) WE LOVE YOU USAGI-CHAN!!!! :)

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