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The Generals



Endymion/Mamoru had 4 guardians, generals, his personal protectors: Jedite, Nephrite, Zoicite, and Kunzite (known as Malachite in the U.S.). The anime totally ignored this important fact and just makes them out to be "Negaverse henchman", when instead they have a much richer story.

When each of the Generals died, they turned into the stone/gem they were named after. After Tuxedo Kamen dies in Usagi's lap, the white light of the moon and the Silver Crystal help Kunzite regain his memories and makes him the man he used to be. From manga volume 2:

"Damn!" Kunzite says. "I can't sustain this barrier anymore!" He transports back to the stone castle of the Dark Kingdom. He enters the room where three glass coffins are stored. He looks down at one of the decayed corpses. Muscle and skin begin to grow around the skeletons, until he is looking at the face of Jadeite. The glass casing breaks open. "Jadeite!?" Kunzite calls. "Nephrite, Zoisite!? You've come back to life!?" He sees the other two also restored.

"What's that light?" he says. "What happened to our deep sleep? What are we doing here? Where's our master...? He was probably born again on Earth... Where is he? Endymion-sama..."


"What are you arguing about?" Endymion asks.

"Prince," Kunzite says, standing with the three other generals. "We are being tightly controlled. We can't stand the methods of the Moon Kingdom. They are watching us very closely."

"When did this start?" says Endymion. "Watching you!? Who's doing that? That evil creature? You don't know!? Use your skills! Find out!"

"The memory...?" Kunzite says. "The memory of our previous life...? I understand. We must search for our master... Prince Endymion-sama. We have been reincarnated. Our memory is back. Again, we have fell in with the evil forces, and betrayed ourselves." He sees the body of Zoisite fall back and melt apart. "Something's happening to his body!" he says. "Zoisite! Nephrite, Jadeite! Have you become stone!? You're gone again..."

Kunzite sees that the once noble, kind-hearted generals, who were brainwashed by Beryl and Metallia, have now turned into small stones. He, himself, now remembers his past - serving Endymion. Kunzite has returned to his true self. But this will not last for long......

Kunzite is mourning over the deaths of his beloved friends, the other generals, and is happy he has found his master, Endmymion. He realizes that all the men have turned into small stones. He now knows he is aligned with evil forces and sees Beryl talking to the evil gaseous entity, Metallia. I shall include a scene from the manga, as it is poignant, to show how the evil Beryl manipulated truly good people and destroyed true love.

    "Queen Beryl," calls Kunzite. "I'm here. If we get the Mystical Silver Crystal, the four generals will come back to life."
    "His body's spirit was destroyed..." she remarks about Endymion.

    Kunzite remembers the past...

    Selenity screams as the blade cuts through Endymion. "Noooo! Endymion!!"

    His four generals stare at the prince in horror.

    "No..." Kunzite thinks. "That wasn't right. This isn't right. I have to say something before it's too late." He speaks to Queen Beryl. "Just what do you plan to do with Prince Endymion's body?"

    Queen Beryl raises her hand at Kunzite. A jewel glows in his forehead. Waves begin flowing into it. "Forget..." she says. "Swear your loyalty to our growing leader. You brought that body to me, and no matter how many times you're reborn, you will work for me. Kunzite, go! I won't allow you to fail again! Try and get energy from the humans. The princess will surely show up. And when she does, take the Mystical Silver Crystal!"

    And with that Kunzite is once again turned to evil. He attacks the soldiers in the city. They transform & Sailor Moon flies out over the earth into space so as to lead Kunzite away from the innocent humans. The soldiers follow. He is getting ready to blast Sailor Moon & kill her, but Venus exclaims that they won't watch their Princess die again. All pool their power & blast Kunzite to death.

    He reappears as a the jewel Kunzite, at Beryl's feet and Beryl orders Endymion to awake - a soulless corpse - and Endymion takes the 4 jewels, which have turned into cracked stones.

    The next time we see the Generals is when Mamoru's soul comes back to him. Usagi realizes the only way to save the Earth is to kill Endymion because 1/2 of Silver Crystal was absorbed into him, and that is what is making Metallia so powerful. She slashes Endymion, and then turns the sword upon herself and puts it through her. Both Mamoru and Usagi fall. When they awake they find that Mamo-chan's pocketwatch he gave Usagi saved her from the sword's blade, and that the 4 stones of the general saved Mamoru from the blade as well.

      He reaches into his jacket and pulls out a cracked jewel. "I kept it against my chest... The stone is in pieces... The four stones..."
      An image appears before him and he strains to see it.

      "Our master," says the voice. "We're finally able to meet."

      "Kunzite...? Is that you?"

      "Queen Metallia, the obstacle, is an emperor of darkness with the power to turn everything to stone. That demon will absorb all the energy, and enlarge the substance of the darkness. The mark on that thing's forehead... That is Queen Metallia's heart. If you concentrate your power and aim your attack there..." Kunzite tells him.

      He stands with the three other generals. "Master, we are glad to have been able to meet you. We hope this time you two will have peace..." The stone shatters in Mamoru's hand.

      Kunzite... Jadeite... Nephrite... Zoisite..."

      He feels his chest. "Did you stop the sword tip for me? Did you bring me back to life?"

      Someday, the souls of the Generals will be re-born and they will be together again with their master. There is more to learn about each of the individual generals - special facts found ONLY in the manga. So please click on The Generals: Part 2.

The Generals: Part 2